Drop Shipping

The term drop shipping means that the merchant receives the money for a product, but the customer receives the product directly from the manufacturer or from the wholesaler.

This method gave the opportunity to many online stores to be created without the need to purchase capital stock and manufacturers or wholesalers promote
their products worldwide.

How does the drop shipping work

The operation is relatively simple. The dealer or online store or eBay store, choose a reliable drop ship company, selects the product he wants to sell and put a selling price on the product.
When the product is sold, the money is sent to the company together with the details of the client, it sends the product and he keeps the difference.

Too many online stores were born without any initial capital, which continue to
gain thousands of pounds every month. Without the help of this method it would
be impossible, since the money necessary for the purchase of stock quite a
few has it. .

The advantages of drop shipping for an online store

-No particular initial capital.
-No required stock products.
-If the product does not sell, the seller does not lose anything because he has not bought the product.
-There is no cost for postage and handling.

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