Greek Traditional Coffee RAVEL "CLASSIC" 196GR

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RAVEL "CLASSIC" is one of the most well

known Greek coffees in Greece. It has a rich

aroma and full flavor; Try the flavor of Greek 

coffee (Elliniko Cafe ) the most popular drink in


Greek coffee contains lot of antioxidant

components and no calories at all.

This coffee is 100% premium pure blend.

Roasted slowly at low temperature to keep the

rich aroma.

The package is air tightly.

This product produced and packaged at the

most inovated factory with high standards of

hygiene controls.

Enjoy the unique aroma and the full taste of this

first quality Greek coffee.

Make coffe with camping machine


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Greek Traditional Coffee RAVEL "CLASSIC" 196GR

Greek Traditional Coffee RAVEL "CLASSIC" 196GR

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