Cyprus Platain Tea 20 Bags Sealed

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Platain Tea!

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Don't miss the chance to try out this amazing Cypriot tea

that you can't find anywhere else. It is a herbal tea

from the lovely island of Cyprus and apart from the fact

that it has beneficial effect on health, it has a

wonderful fragrance and taste. In our shop you will find a

large variety of herbal teas.

If you are looking for

any kind of tea that you can't find,

we can find it for you.


The lithospastos organic farming is a rare herb, with special

taste and aroma and is widely used for the benefit

of the better functioning of the kidneys and ourofiron tract

(stones, colic). Considered good diuretic.

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Cyprus Platain Tea 20 Bags Sealed

Cyprus Platain Tea 20 Bags Sealed

Platain Tea!

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